Sunday, October 12, 2008

absolute zero

parade again
Today around noon there was a parade on Broad Street in South Philly, in other words right in our locale.

Apparently it's Columbus Day, or rather tomorrow. Note in the median the two cars that were not moved. (Ours.)

Also note the remarkably low attendance, which surprised me since it wasn't a half-bad parade despite the lack of candy-throwing.

lone balloon

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Aside

On the bailout.

Today is Wednesday. Monday the House rejected a bad bailout bill. Tonight the Senate will pass that same bad bill with some stupid motherfucking tax breaks as so-called "sweeteners."

Listening to NPR this morning was painful. The talking heads and "experts" had come to the conclusion that the popular uprising against this bill on Monday was just us being confused. That the giant WALL STREET drop the next day has shaken and awakened us. That we now support the bill.

WE DO NOT. We are not slowly coming around to the reality you think we should see.

Everyone keeps saying the economy cannot function without easy credit flowing everywhere. That people can't get the loan they want to buy the car they would like to drive.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT people. Maybe, just maybe, you didn't need that car to survive in this world.

Sorry about that.
That people can't get a auto loan is not a reason to do or think anything. Please stop uttering this on or near radios that I may be near. I might just hunt you down.