Tuesday, April 1, 2008

50 Years of Victory

I finished reading Dan Simmons' Hyperion and went directly to the library to pick up his latest book, The Terror. Stephen King has one of the blurbs on the back, and he mutters something about Simmons being good. (There is an agent somewhere whose entire comfortable existence is built upon getting Mr King's name on the back of books.) Simmons here, is good.

The Terror is the story of two British ice-breakers (iron-clad gunships) sent to attempt to discover the still at the time imaginary water route north of Canada to the Pacific. That isn't the story, just the setting. They are stuck. It is the nearing winter of 1847 after a thawless summer. Coal is running low. Canned food was provisioned by the lowest bidder. They are being killed one by one by a demon. The Terror the the name of the second ship. That's a pretty cool name for a ship.

50 Years of Victory is an even cooler name for a ship. It's Russia's flagship nuclear icebreaker. Pictures here.



Blogger laughjon said...

This book sounds awesome. I just saw a documentary on the Nat Geo channel about Franklin. IT was incredibly interesting. The canned food is what made them go mad I guess.

April 1, 2008 at 5:12 PM  

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